Delight in every bite

Extra virgin olive oil is a sensory experience: the flavours remain on the palate and in the memory. It is an earthly, Mediterranean pleasure which is naturally ours.

The delicious flavours and silky texture of our olive oil make Molí Coloma a premium experience, taking each dish to new levels of richness.

To enjoy Molí Coloma is to savour its unique combination of tradition, heritage and nature. These elements come together to create a journey of all the senses that embraces the richness and diversity of the land in one great experience. This sensation of pleasure is the most important key to the Molí Coloma brand.

What does EVOO tasting at Molí Coloma involve?

To taste an EVOO is to capture the nuances of the type of olive, the degree of ripeness, the characteristics of the land and the weather conditions affecting an oil through its aroma, flavour, body and colour.

Our senses of smell and taste allow us to make a sensory analysis of the main perceptions of the flavours on the palate and the volatile compounds on the nose.

Factors influencing oil tasting:

  • Sample temperature: at + – 28 ºC.
  • Sample order.
  • Variety.
  • The sample size: it is not advisable to taste too many oils in a concentrated space of time.

Phases of the sense of smell in tasting:

  • We smell the oil for the first time.
  • We have a first impression of the sample and we cover the glass again
  • We smell it for a second time, turning the glass slightly to warm it up again, and inhaling quickly.
  • We corroborate our first impressions, draw conclusions and check them in the mouth.

Normally, we use a strong, dark-coloured glass to prevent us seeing the colour of the oil. If we do the tasting at home, we can use our own wine glasses. It is important to cover the samples to prevent the volatile aromas escaping.


The olfactory sensations which, when tasting the oil, we associate with aromatic traces evoking ripe green olives, green apples, freshly cut grass, artichokes, tropical fruits or tomatoes.


This plays another role in the melody, making changes to the dance of flavours. Bitter sensations are select, exotic and exquisite, like chocolate or black coffee.


Caused by the intensity of the phenolic compounds, the “spicy sensation” is perceived in the mouth – and especially the throat – to different degrees by different people.

Tasting notes

The nose and the palate are essential to discover the attributes of EVOO.

Descriptive qualities:
Strong-medium-mild; fruity-spicy-bitter

Negative attributes:

Eucalyptus, herbs, apple, walnut, tomato, vanilla, pepper

Bitter-acidic-sweet-spicy; persistent-non-persistent; astringent-non-astringent

Enjoy your sensory experience at Molí Coloma. Share it. Discuss and discover each person’s different perceptions.

Enjoy the Molí Coloma experiences

Come and find out for yourself
Technical oil tasting

A basic oil tasting where you will learn to differentiate extra virgin olive oil from other types of oils of different qualities. Through this tasting, we will also teach you the differences between oils made with different varieties of olives.

What will we do? Arrival, brief explanation of oil making and tasting.

Price: €18

Days: from Tuesday to Saturday. Check schedules.

Booking essential

Three surprising pairings with oil and wine

Sharpen your senses with a sensory experience featuring local products. We will make a gastronomic pairing with our Molí Coloma oil and accompany it with Sumarroca wine or cava.

Price: €25

Days: from Tuesday to Saturday. View timetable.

Booking essential

Activity for at least four people.

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