Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Purity and Quality

Molí Coloma means pleasure. It is a top brand in haute cuisine kitchens and on restaurant tables where enjoying gastronomic experiences is what it’s all about. The delicious flavours and silky texture of the oil take each dish to new levels of richness.

Molí Coloma means innovation. In its constant quest for transformation, the brand’s experimental, creative drove it to pioneer the recovery of the Arbosana variety of olive, originally from the Penedès region. Over the years it has come up with plenty of other innovations, ranging from high-density planting systems to new varieties.

Molí Coloma means sustainability. That’s one of Molí Coloma’s crucial values. Its facilities have been adapted to make them more energy efficient, and recycling plans have been devised. Technicians also work with suppliers’ research departments to use more environmentally friendly materials. Examples include boxes and seals made of recycled cardboard, FSC certification, ecological film for packaging and new materials for promotional printing. All these impacts are measured in carbon footprint calculation studies and improvement plans.

To taste Molí Coloma oils is to experience a gift of nature, delighting in flavours and aromas that take your senses on an incomparable journey.

Discover the Molí Coloma varieties

The terrain of crop extends further from the own terrain the Molí Coloma estate and elaborates our oils with pertinent olives of the zone of Tarragona, Montsant or the Priorat. The three varieties of olives that till are:

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We want to share our passion for the oil and also the curiosity for learning the melody of his flavor. We want to incorporate the extra virgin olive oil into our lifestyle.

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