Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Purity and Quality

Molí Coloma, located in Subirats, is an old paper mill from the late 15th century. On the farm, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, are found in the facilities where our oils are made.

The olives are collected at their optimum ripening point; The time between harvest and the grinding of the fruit is reduced to the maximum (1h) and the olive is collected directly from the tree, it does not fall to the ground. All this allows elaborating with totally fresh olives.

The crop is also nourished by an irrigation system and constant control of pests and diseases, in order to use the minimum amount of pesticides.

In this way, high-quality production is achieved, minimizing the use of agrochemicals, optimizing production methods and reducing waste.

Molí Coloma has opted for new developments in the field of olive trees and oils. Thus, apart from developing mechanical variants to have the best Arbequina, we have also recovered the Arbosana variant and brought, from Greece, Koroneiki, an olive that has adapted perfectly to our climate and terrain.

A joy to every bite

Extra virgin olive oil is a sensory experience, a joy to every bite, where the flavors remain on the palate and in the memory as a melody.

A melody in which flavors dance the different notes provided by the oil: subtle but surprising, soft, but with character, elegant but explosive.

An earthly pleasure, Mediterranean and naturally ours.

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We want to share our passion for the oil and also the curiosity for learning the melody of his flavor. We want to incorporate the extra virgin olive oil into our lifestyle.

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