Molí Coloma, in Subirats, is an old paper mill from the late 15th century. The facilities where we make our oils are on the estate, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees.

We carry out constant, exhaustive monitoring of the health of the olive trees on our estates, minimising the use of agrochemical products and optimising production methods. That’s how we achieve high-quality production.

The olives are picked when they are at their optimum point of ripeness, and the fruit is crushed as quickly as possible after harvesting (1h). They are taken directly from the tree, without falling on the ground. All this allows us to make our extra virgin olive oils with absolutely fresh olives.

At Molí Coloma we are committed to new developments in olive trees and oils. We have worked to recover the Arbosana olive variety and we have introduced the Koroneiki to our area, adapting it to our climate and terrain.

Our mission is to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil based on a careful selection of the raw material and a strong commitment to taking this excellent product to the tables of the whole world.

Molí Coloma is part of the Sumarroca Group, which also includes Bodegues Sumarroca, which shares the same organic estate.

Our production process: from the olive tree to your table

At Molí Coloma we extract extra virgin olive oil using only mechanical methods that respect the fruit throughout the crushing, blending and separation process.

When the olives are clean of leaves and impurities, they are crushed and ground to obtain an even paste. This is incorporated into the blender, where the small oil particles present in the fruit come together, growing bigger and bigger. The grinding process takes about 20-30 minutes, on average, at a temperature between 25°C and 27°C to maintain all the original aromas.

The paste is then transferred to a centrifuge, which separates the oil particles we have been creating in the blender to obtain pure olive juice.

Once the oil has been made, we filter it through cellulose plates to improve the quality and help it keep better for longer.

EVOO certification of our oils

Molí Coloma oils are EVOO, the name given to the highest quality oil: the purest and most natural oil obtained from olives in perfect condition.

The EVOO label – an acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil – cannot simply be applied by the grower. It can only be used after a panel of experts certifies that the oil’s taste and smell are impeccable, without defects.

To use this name, we must meet two basic requirements:

  • Their degree of acidity cannot exceed 0.8 grams per 100 grams, expressed as free oleic acid.
  • The median of defects must be equal to zero and the median of fruitiness greater than zero.

Molí Coloma’s extra virgin olive oil is delicious and different, it is pure olive juice.

These virtues make the difference compared to other oils. The production method is very natural. Perfect olives are picked at their optimum moment of ripeness, they are crushed to extract their juice, and the oil is obtained without any refining process.

All the sensory characteristics are maintained intact as it goes directly from the olive tree to your table.

Olis Molí Coloma