Heirs to a product with history

Molí Coloma sprang
from the rich heritage
of olive growing in Catalonia.

Our product boasts centuries of history and tradition. We are heirs to all its attributes. Olive oil is culture.

The Molí Coloma mill stands in a wonderful setting on a section of the Roman Via Augusta as it runs along the course of the River Anoia between Sant Sadurní and Gelida, at the foot of the mountain of Montserrat.

To the legacy of cultural tradition, we therefore add the delicate balance of the land, with its characteristic chalky soils of pebbles and clay, and the Mediterranean climate suitable for creating this unique extra virgin olive oil.

The ancestral tradition of growing olives was taken up by the Sumarroca family, who recovered the Arbosana variety, originally from El Penedès, and began to make oil from it, together with the Koroneiki variety, of Greek origin. Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki thus form a successful Mediterranean combination.

At Molí Coloma we are the past and we are the future. And the future will be developed with the utmost respect for our incredible heritage.


Extra virgin olive oil
is more than just
part of our diet.

Because the Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle. It is a way of understanding food based on freshness, with local, seasonal products. Around the table, you socialise as well as enjoying the dishes. And tasting oil is also a way of sharing.

More and more chefs around the world are using EVOO in their cooking. The new healthy trends, promoting new eating habits and highlighting the virtues of the Mediterranean diet, have helped make extra virgin olive oil to be enjoyed on dining tables everywhere.

EVOO is a winner because of its properties as well as its flavour. It offers exclusiveness and harmony, as well as purity and subtlety, enhancing the flavour and texture of food.

Olis Molí Coloma