Our Mill Master, an expert in blending, combines the monovarietal oils obtained produced from the olives at the mill to harmonise flavours and aromas.

He seeks the perfect balance, highlighting the different varietal attributes of the olives, enhancing the most subtle expressions and creating the blend he wants. The proportions also vary depending on the harvest, due to the impact the weather can have had on the fruit.

That makes the resulting oil unique for each harvest, distilling the essence of the land, the ecosystem and the varietal properties of the tree and the fruit. It is the maximum expression and balance of a true art of the senses.

Searching for the perfect blend

The Mill Master makes different blends and tests countless samples until he finds the right one.
He mainly works with three types of Molí Coloma oil:

  • Varietal: oils made with just one of the varieties (Arbosana, Koroneiki or Arbequina). With these, we create different oils, each with their own identity.
  • Estate oils: those obtained solely and exclusively from one of our estates. These are terroir oils.
  • Master miller blending: the olives develop differently depending on the weather during the year. Every year, the master tastes our freshly ground olive juices in parallel to decide the proportions that will go into the blend. This type of blending manages to combine varieties and estates to create the ideal oil for each harvest. It’s not a matter of simply combining the ingredients: the final product has to combine the best of each of the different attributes.

The art of blending stems from a deep knowledge and a careful selection of extra virgin oils whose flavours, aromas and subtleties vary from year to year. The job of the Mill Master is the sum of experience, professionalism, research and hard work in tasting to focus on obtaining the perfect combination in terms of taste and the other senses.

Olis Molí Coloma