Each bottle of Molí Coloma olive oil reflects the result of the rich biodiversity that thrives in this very special corner of the Penedès. Molí Coloma is a wildlife paradise that the field and mill teams work to promote based on protecting the environment and respecting the surroundings and the region.

Biodiversity management programmes, bird recovery projects, the construction of bat dens and bird of prey flight activities make the Molí Coloma estates a naturally rich enclave that creates a quality environment for the olives grown there. When we talk about the role each species plays in the cultivation of the land, we are showing that nature itself enhances our crops so we can obtain exceptional oils.

These elements are combined with Molí Coloma’s dedication to discovering new varieties of olives, new cultivation methods guided by nature, and new ways of protecting the land itself.

The estate, in El Penedès, is part of the Natura 2000 Network: a network of biodiversity conservation areas. The Sumarroca Group has also signed up to the Government of Catalonia’s climate action commitments and is part of the Voluntary Commitment in line with the 2030 goals.

The circular economy, eco-designed packaging, reducing packaging weight, using sustainable raw materials and using recycled plastic in packaging are also promoted at Molí Coloma. In this dossier there is more information about the Sumarroca Group’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Because every little gesture adds up.

Olis Molí Coloma