The extra virgin olive oil of Boella-Molí Coloma is obtained from the fruit of the olive trees by mechanical procedures in thermal conditions that do not alter any type of alteration at a qualitative level.

We are fortunate to work with one of the pillars of Mediterranean cuisine clearly defined, in hundreds of studies, as one of the most beneficial diets for human health thanks to the foods that make it up. To have a recommended oil consumption, you should eat about 20 gr daily.

The main content of the so-called ‘liquid gold’ is oleic acid and is complemented by the presence of minor components, including phenols. These have many antioxidant properties that delay the development of certain diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases.

It is essential to guarantee the quality of the oil, well, not all are equal. The qualities of each type of oil depend on factors such as the variety of the olive, the conditions of the fields where they have been cultivated, the process of obtaining and the storage conditions of the final product.

Any anomaly that occurs before, during or after harvesting can have a significant effect on antioxidant content (phenolics). It is also necessary to take into account the protection of the fruit in the field against the prevention of pests, the control of the optimal time of collection associated with the appropriate maturity index, hygiene and the use of low temperatures in the extraction process. There is also another factor that affects and is uncontrollable: the weather.

An important factor is conservation. Extra virgin olive oil is an evolving product and it is maintained in good condition if exposure to light and high temperatures is avoided over time.