Learn How to taste the EVOO

Music and movement in the sensory memory

To taste an extra virgin olive oil is to look for the rhythm. Each oil gives us unique and different notes. Taste means finding this music and that dance that plays in your senses. Or a harmony. Or a silence. Or an impact. A rhythm that you recognize and remember.

In Molí Coloma olives are selected at different times of their maturity. And with them is composed the pentagram of flavors, the melodies that have consecrated our character.

In the EVOO melodies, there are three unique sounds, which differentiate them from all other oils: fruity, bitter and spicy.


The olfactory sensations that, when tasting the oil, we associate with aromatic traces that evoke the ripe green olive, the green apple, freshly cut grass, artichoke, some tropical fruits or the tomato.


Plays another role in the melody. It imposes changes in the dance of flavors. Bitters are select, exotic, exquisite. Like chocolate, black coffee.


Caused by the intensity of the phenolic compounds, the “spicy sensation” is perceived in the mouth and especially in the throat, to a different degree by different people. That feeling should not be confused with the hot peppers that characterize some dishes.

Notes on tasting

The smell and the palate are essential to discover the attributes of the EVOO.

Descriptive attributes:
Strong–Medium–Soft; Fruity–Spicy–Bitter

Negative attributes:

Aromatic feelings:
Eucalyptus, Aromatic herbs, Apple, Walnut, Tomato, Vanilla, Pepper

Gustative feelings:
Bitter–Sour–Sweet–Spicy; Persistent–Nor Persistent; Astringent–No Astringent

Live your sensory experience. Share it. Comment the personal differences. 


Come and discover it by yourself

Basic tasting of oils where you will learn to differentiate the extra virgin olive oil among other types of oils of varying quality. Through this tasting, You will also be able to appreciate the difference between oils elaborated with different varieties of olives.

What will you do? When you arrive, you will receive a brief explanation of the elaboration of the oils and you will taste them.

Price: 18 €

Days: Tuesday to Saturday. Consult schedules.

A previous reservation is required.


Sharpen your senses with a sensory experience based in km 0 products. We will do a gastronomic combination with our oil paired with wine or cava from Sumarroca.

Price: 25 €

Days: Tuesday to Saturday. Check schedules.

Activity for a minimum of 4 people.

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