Collection: Oils

Flor d'oli

Limited edition made from the first collection of olives of the Arbequina variety. It is presented in its most primary and natural state, a pure olive juice with minimal handling.

The flowers of the olive tree appear between April and June. They are shaped like small clusters that group between 10 and just over 30 white and yellow flowers. Once fertilized, the petals of the clusters break off and the new olive seeds begin to form.

It is an unfiltered oil. By its state, it can produce some precipitates of the volatile materials that compose it. These precipitates, in the short term, do not have to influence the quality of this oil.



Oil where the primary aromas of Arbequina olives collected in the first days of harvest predominate.

It has a strong fruity taste of green Arbequina olive, identifiable by the senses of smell and taste, with a great diversity of vegetable aromas, green grass, green tomato, green almond, artichoke, kiwi, and banana skin.


The sensation in the mouth is a green almond flavor, where the bitter and spicy touches stand out, with a slight astringency at the end.

Olis Molí Coloma