Heirs of a product with history

In Molí Coloma history is lived every day.

The cultivation of the olive tree in our lands dates back to the time of the Phoenicians and its symbology has accompanied us throughout history. Olive oil is a culture. And we are heirs of their attributes.

In Molí Coloma, we combine history and passion for the land. In our farm, in an old paper mill, we collect tradition and transform it into modernity without losing the essence and origins.

We are past and we are future. A future to be created with respect for this incredible legacy.

The oil, a pillar of the Mediterranean

The olive oil,
more than an element
of our diet.


The Mediterranean diet is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle. A way of understanding food from a point of view of freshness, proximity and seasonal products. Around the table, not only you taste dishes, you socialize. Bread, oil, wine, are all ways of sharing.

It is increasingly common for chefs around the world to use EVOO in their elaborations. New healthy trends, new consumption habits and the virtues of the Mediterranean diet have left behind lard and butter, widely used in northern Europe.

EVOO was imposed for its taste and its properties. It gives exclusivity and harmony, as well as purity and subtlety, enhancing the taste and texture of food.

Olive oil has always accompanied the Mediterranean culture, also in its landscape and its economy. It is part of our environment.

Quality Attributes of the EVOO

High quality

Extra virgin olive oil impacts the senses. Just as music and dance do. It is recorded in the memory and knows how to state which part of the Mediterranean it is coming from and how it has been treated. 

In Molí Coloma we believe in respect for the land and the fruit. To foster the continuity to the natural process of the crop. Therefore, at the time of collection, no olives touch the ground. None takes more than 50 minutes to reach the mill. This preserves the properties of the fruit. Also, cold milling ensures maximum conservation.

Therefore, our Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki olives express the purity and freshness of the variety. They never have oxidized flavors that allow producing oils without defects and of very low acidity.

Olis Molí Coloma