Collection: Oils


The Arbequina seduces those who have not tried it before, and it is characterized by its sweet sensation and a delicious balance, between a low bitterness and a subtle presence of spicy.

These properties have made it recognized as an excellent companion in vegetarian and vegan diets, for its delicacy and softness, to dress fish and shellfish, and also has a prominent role in baking.

What do the professionals in the kitchen ask the Arbequina? Make it fresh. To achieve this, in Molí Coloma we explain it simply: “the olive is harvested at its optimum ripening point, the time between harvest and fruit grinding is reduced to 60 minutes. The olive does not touch land, it never falls to the ground; it is collected directly from the tree ”.



Very low acidity oil. With a balanced and complex profile, fruity of mature olive identifiable in the nose and mouth, with a great diversity of secondary vegetable aromas, especially apples and bananas.

There are also nuances of other ripe fruits such as almond, tomato, fennel, and artichoke. Retronasal notes of kiwi, banana skin and green apple are described.

The sensation in the mouth is almond and slightly highlights its sweetness with a final astringency that does not interfere with its profile. As a whole, it is a very balanced and harmonious oil with a marked touch of sweetness, characteristic of the variety.

Olis Molí Coloma