Collection: Oils


Koroneiki is a Greek variety introduced in our Mediterranean area, which has adapted perfectly to the terrain and weather conditions. Trying an oil made with Koroneiki is a new taste experience.

Oval and slightly asymmetrical, it is early maturing. This variety is harvested at the end of November.

A few drops of this Koroneiki on a roasted fish, grilled or grilled meat, or in any stew will improve it significantly. It will also surprise the most demanding palates profiling sauces and dressings such as yogurt creams or mayonnaise.



Complex and balanced profile oil. Its fruity is qualified in tasting “green olive, medium-high”.

In retronasal tasting impacts the diversity of secondary vegetable aromas reminiscent of green apple, banana skin, kiwi and other ripe fruits such as strawberry. On the palate, the sensation of green almond predominates, on overlapping layers of spicy.

As a whole, it is a balanced and harmonious oil, with a marked touch of bitterness and spicy that predominates over the sweet and astringent.

Olis Molí Coloma