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Unique and defined | 0.5L

Koroneiki is a Greek olive variety introduced into our area of the Mediterranean, which has adapted perfectly to our terrain and climate conditions. Trying an oil made with Koroneiki olives is a new taste experience.

Oval in shape and slightly asymmetrical, they ripen early. This variety is harvested in late November.

A few drops of this Koroneiki virgin olive oil on grilled fish, on grilled or roasted meat, or in any stew will noticeably improve them. It will also surprise the most demanding of palates by rounding off sauces and dressings, such as yogurt sauce and mayonnaise.



An oil with a complex, balanced profile. Its fruitiness on tasting is classified as green olive, medium-high.

Retronasally, it has an impressive array of secondary plant aromas, reminiscent of green apple, banana peel, kiwi and other ripe fruits, such as strawberry. On the palate, a green almond flavour is dominant, on top of overlaid layers of spiciness.

Overall, it is a very balanced, harmonious oil with a distinct hint of bitterness and spiciness, which predominates over its sweetness and astringency.


Chemical analysis

Once the collection is done, they are taken to the oil mill in the shortest possible time, where they will be ground.
We clean the fruit, grind it correctly and shake and spin it for a short time, never exceeding 28 degrees Celsius, to obtain the highest quality oils.

Chemical analysis

Maximum acidity: <0,2º

Peroxide index: <20

Wax (mg/kg): <150

K270: <0,22

Koroneiki and it's pairings

This variety is ideal for those who like intense flavors.

We can use it to intensify the flavors of fish or shellfish. Also to season pizzas once made or with toast, with or without garlic.

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