Discover the Rhythm of Molí Coloma

Our Estates

Build on preromantic bases and documented from more than six centuries, Molí Coloma has maintained the bequest of the crop of olive trees and vineyards next to the Mediterranean.

The crops of Molí Coloma are situated in El Penedès and the area of Montsant, Priorat and Tarragona Alta. They are small terrains cultivated by agriculturalists following traditional methods and some guidelines of standards of quality elevated.

We feel passion for the crop of the earth and our values are based on respect for the environment and a sustainable future. The passion and the tenacity of our work are perceived in the oils of Molí Coloma that breathe proximity, personality, and terroir.

The Molí Coloma Varieties

Tradition and Modernity

With one foot in tradition and the other in modernity, we observe in each harvest how the olive varieties evolve, their relationship with the soil and the Mediterranean climate, their smell and the harmonies between spicy, bitter and astringent.

We make oils from three olive varieties:



The reference olive in Catalonia. It has a small fruit and is characterized by its complexity.

It produces a fruity, soft, subtle EVOO of very low acidity. Its profile is balanced and subtle, with a sense of ripe olive which is accompanied by secondary vegetable aromatic traces reminiscent of apples and bananas and nuances of almond, tomato, artichoke, and fennel. His music has different records. Unique, harmonious, their styles are easily engraved in the senses and survive in our memory.

As a whole, it is a very balanced and harmonious oil with a touch of sweetness, characteristic of the variety.


Originally from El Penedès, it probably receives the name of the Tarragona population l’Arboç. It is also a small fruit. It produces a greenish oil with character and harmony, between bitter, spicy and astringent. Its register of purity and subtlety enhances the natural perception of the chosen dishes.



Coming from Greece, it produces a balanced and complex EVOO. Fruity green olive that attracts attention, with a great diversity of secondary vegetable aromas. This variety gives a dish its own and differentiated life, putting flavors and perceptions to dance.

Our process of preparation

In Molí Coloma we extract the extra virgin olive oil using only respectful methods with the fruit along the process (blending, beaten and separation).

When the olives are clean of leaves and impurities, we proceed to the grinding, obtaining a homogenous paste. This paste is incorporated into the blender, where it is kept with a temperature between 25ºC and 27ºC to maintain all his original aromas.

Within a subsequent process of centrifugation, we separate the pure flower of the olive oil from the paste.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is synonym of maximum quality

The EVOO is the maximum quality of the oil: the purest and most natural obtained from olives in mint condition.

The acronym means extra virgin olive oil. It cannot be used by everyone who cultivates it, but a board of experts has to certify that the flavor and smell are flawless, without defects.

To use this denomination is necessary to fulfill two basic requirements:

  • The degree of acidity cannot surpass the 0,8º expressed in oleic sour free.
  • The average of defects has to be equal to zero and the average of fruity upper to zero.

The difference in the techniques of the EVOO concerning other oils

Tasty and different, pure Olive Juice

The EVOO is pure Olive juice, genuine and deeply tasty. These virtues remark the difference regarding the rest of the oils.

The method of preparation is very natural. The olives are collected in their optimum stage of maturity, blended to extract his juice and obtained the oil without making any process of refining. Thus it is kept intact all its sensory characteristics.

This is the pure oil of Molí Coloma, with an array of Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki.

It is not refined. It remains in its most natural state. It goes straight from the olive tree to your table.

Olis Molí Coloma