Molí Coloma varieties

Tradition and modernity

With one eye on tradition and the other on modernity, in each harvest we observe how olive varieties evolve, their relationship with the soil and climate of the Mediterranean, their aroma and the harmonies between spiciness, bitterness and astringency.

We produce oils from three varieties of olive:



The leading olive variety in Catalonia. It has a small fruit and is characterised by its complexity.

It produces a fruity, smooth, subtle EVOO with very low acidity. It has a balanced and subtle profile, with a taste of ripe olives accompanied by secondary herbaceous aromas with hints of apple and banana and nuances of almond, tomato, artichoke and fennel. Its music ranges in different registers, which are unique and harmonious, and their styles are easily etched on the senses and live on in our memories.

Overall, it is a very balanced, harmonious oil with the hint of sweetness characteristic of this variety.


Originally from the Penedès region, it is likely named after the town of l’Arboç in Tarragona. It is also a small fruit. It produces a greenish oil that has character and harmony, ranging from bitter, spicy and astringent. Its purity and subtlety enhance the natural perception of the dishes chosen.



This variety hails from Greece, and produces a balanced and complex EVOO. It offers a striking green olive fruitiness, with a wealth of secondary herbaceous aromas. This variety lends dishes a distinct life of their own, forming a dance of flavours and perceptions.

Our production process: from the olive tree to your table

At Molí Coloma we extract extra virgin olive oil using solely mechanical methods that are fully respectful of the fruit throughout the crushing, malaxing and separation process.

After cleaning the olives of leaves and dirt, they are crushed and milled to form a homogeneous paste. This paste is fed into the malaxer, where the small particles of oil present in the fruit gather together, gradually increasing in size. The milling process takes an average of 20–30 minutes at a temperature of between 25 ºC and 27 ºC in order to maintain all the original aromas.

The paste is then transferred to a centrifuge, which separates the oil particles that have been formed in the malaxer, thereby obtaining pure olive juice.

Once produced, and in order to enhance conservation, quality and duration, we filter it through cellulose sheets.

The difference in the techniques of the EVOO concerning other oils

Tasty and different, pure Olive Juice

The EVOO is pure Olive juice, genuine and deeply tasty. These virtues remark the difference regarding the rest of the oils.

The method of preparation is very natural. The olives are collected in their optimum stage of maturity, blended to extract his juice and obtained the oil without making any process of refining. Thus it is kept intact all its sensory characteristics.

This is the pure oil of Molí Coloma, with an array of Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki.

It is not refined. It remains in its most natural state. It goes straight from the olive tree to your table.

Olis Molí Coloma